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Your Brand

Your Story

Brand Design for Small Business and Solopreneurs


Define your Brand

Brand goes beyond simply the name, logo, and symbols representing your business.


Brand emcompasses the personality and identity of the promise you are offering your clients and customers.

Your brand should set you apart from your competition.

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Reimagine your Logo

Crafting a strong brand allows a company to build relationships, to tell their story and to stand out.


Your company logo is most important! This will be the repeated element that will become the backbone of your unique and cohesive brand identity.


Let's be sure to get this right!


Design your Website

Your website is your first impression to your online customer relationships.


Whether you need a refresh or a new website from scratch, we'll be sure to create a user-friendly, beautifully designed website for you and your users. 

What do you need for your website?

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LightSpace offers brand styling including logo and website design for small business to help attract your target clients, drive new business, and help you rank higher on Google search result pages.

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PASSION IS CONTAGIOUS. I want to learn what gets you up in the morning, what makes your business unique, and then help YOUR BUSINESS THRIVE.

No matter how small your needs are, brand styling, just a logo, or perhaps simply a single-homepage website; we will customize a proposal offering you innovative solutions within the constraints of your time and money. 

A bit about me...

I have a fascination with psychology (my undergrad degree). While other architects were flipping through architecture magazines, I was studying the workplace strategy or the psychology of learning. My decades of designing the interior spaces of schools or businesses have lent itself to a unique understanding of an  array of industries' business functions and brand culture from the inside-out. 

From service firms to consumer product to technology; I would design their workplace to inspire their employees and clientsimprove functionality and apply their brand design to enhance their company culture. If you are curious, feel free to browse my past architectural portfolio here.

Now about you...

The process of brand design is very similar. Together, we will discuss your brand story, outline your strengths and goals, and identify your competition. We will then audit any existing brand assets and work to define/refine your brand according to what makes you unique, delivering exactly what you need to enhance your brand reflecting why your clients/customers will choose you. 

Tell me your story...

case studies

Meet my clients!
Photo May 06, 4 19 43 PM_edited.jpg

Lori Wood Lessem, AIA


L2 Design Studio LLC

Photo May 06, 4 41 09 PM_edited_edited.j

Garrison McLaney M.Ed


The Towson Tutor

Photo May 06, 3 05 01 PM_edited_edited_e

Micki Kaplan McMillan

Educational Consultant

IvyQuest LLC

Photo May 06, 4 31 34 PM_edited_edited.j

Christie Bell

Interior Stylist


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