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case study

Meet L2 Design Studio LLC
L2Design__Brand Board.jpg
L2Design__Brand Board.jpg
LOGO design

After six years since opening L2 Design Studio, this client was looking for a logo refresh. SIMPLE, CLEAN, AND A BIT EDGY, this new logo, maintaining the original lime green branding color, offers a SUBTLE "DOUBLE-L" in its design and incorporates architectural chamfered corners within the finer details of the L2 characters.

ALTERNATE LOGO TYPES are designed to offer flexibility in branding use for print assets, website, favicons, and legal requirements.

L2 Design Studio business card 2
L2 Design Studio business card
business cards

In the architecture world, relationships are everything and sometimes your BRAND'S FIRST IMPRESSION is YOUR SMILE and then your business card. In one project construction visit you could meet over two dozen new contacts...and now L2 is ready!


There is nothing quite as effective as IN-PERSON CONNECTION and therefore the need for passing along a token from a GREAT CONVERSATION with a new contact will always be beneficial. 

phases_residential phases.jpg
timeline infographics

Within the process of designing the NEW PROPOSAL TEMPLATE we wanted to break up the required information by UTILIZING THIS INFOGRAPHIC. This diagram overlays the client's and the architect's commitments in a TIMELINE FORMAT.


A FEW VARIATIONS of this infographic are created for different project types and once the project begins, dates can be added to this infographic for goal setting. 

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